To see others suffer does one good, to make others suffer even more so - Nietzsche

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   About Unleash Evil

Unleash Evil is an online museum of the weird, exhibiting strange and obscure art from international artists. We focus on the macabre and the bizarre with reporter and filmmaker Fabien Delage.

Delage worked on hundreds of Horror movies covers and ads and his designs appear in more than 500 movies. Fabien Delage is the director of the French successful Ghost Show "Dead Crossroads" and the documentary "Fury of the demon". He's also an art director at French production company Fright House Pictures .  Specialized in haunted photography and fine art prints, Delage is also a contributing writer for Rue Morgue and international webzines. His last solo exhibition These Bones Shall Rise took place in Toronto in August 2013.

Seeing in the night of the body