To see others suffer does one good, to make others suffer even more so - Nietzsche

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Seeing in the night of the body

Unleash Evil is the online gallery of the weird, exhibiting strange and obscure art from international artists.

We focus on the macabre and the bizarre with the help of reporter and filmmaker Fabien Delage.

Delage worked on hundreds of Horror movies covers and ads and his designs appear in more than 500 movies. Fabien Delage is the director of the French successful Ghost Show "Dead Crossroads" and the documentary "Fury of the demon". He's also an art collector and specializes in haunted photography and contemporary art, Delage is also a contributing writer for Rue Morgue and international webzines. Follow the artist on Instagram! @fabienwmk


“How delightful are the pleasures of the imagination! In those delectable moments, the whole world is ours; not a single creature resists us, we devastate the world, we repopulate it with new objects which, in turn, we immolate. The means to every crime is ours, and we employ them all, we multiply the horror a hundredfold.”

― Marquis de Sade, Les Prosperites du Vice